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About TRF

The Restoring Force (TRF) was founded by Mr. Brij Mohan Vaish, a socially inclined entrepreneur, in the year 1997. It was registered under the Society Registration Act in 2001. Since then, TRF has been working relentlessly with the marginalized and excluded communities of Gurgaon and Rajasthan.

TRF’s mission is to provide windows of opportunity in education, health and livelihood to children in rural and semi-urban areas, across India. Towards accomplishment of its mission, to start with, TRF worked in government schools of Gurgaon block supporting basic school infrastructure such as toilets, drinking water, science labs and classroom furniture. The aim was to promote a clean and healthy environment for children in these schools, and TRF believes that it has a direct impact on the learning atmosphere of the schools.

Mission and Vision

The mission of The Restoring Force is to address the fundamental inequity and imbalance in education and social infrastructure that plagues communities in Rajasthan and Haryana. TRF focuses on the basic educational and social needs of children from the most deprived sections of Indian society, and makes focussed interventions that can result in tangible benefits for school-going children, their families, and their schools.

Board Members:

Mr. Brij Mohan Vaish (President)
Mr. B.M. Vaish is the founder of TRF. An electrical engineer from Roorkee University, he did his MBA from FMS, Delhi and is an entrepreneur who runs established businesses in the areas of electronics and back office processing.

Mr. Anil Batra (Secretary)
An electrical engineer with an MBA, Mr Batra has the experience of leading large teams.

Parveen Sharma (Treasurer)
Mr. Parveen Sharma is the in charge of accounting and finance for TRF.

Vinod Gupta (Member – infrastructure projects)
Mr. Gupta is a renowned architect and professor at School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), Delhi.

Vijay Khilnani (Member – IT projects)
Mr. Khilnani is the computer hardware and software advisor and also develops educational programs for TRF.

Arun Atal (Member – Engineering projects)

Arun Monga (Member – Finance)

Amardeep Singh (Member – Design and Development of Educational Institutions)

Brij K. Chandiramani (Member – Social Development projects)

Executive Team:

Arti Jaiman (Station Director)

Sharmila (Senior Reporter – Health and Women)

Ujala Vimal (Station Manager)

Priti (Trainee Reporter)

Aviral (Trainee Reporter)