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About Us

TRF (an acronym that stands for The Restoring Force) is a registered Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) that independently works in the area of education and vocational training.

Despite India’s recent success in setting a scorching pace in new industries such as Back Office Processing, Software and Manufacturing, there is a deep divide between those who are part of this industrial revolution and those who are left by the wayside, especially in India’s villages. They have little access to the retail revolution, to the explosion of schools in our cities, to the opportunities for employment that these new sectors offer. Stuck with schools that have few teachers, practically no infrastructure, and no change in sight, they can only eye the progress bandwagon from a distance.

TRF believes that a little help can go a long way in providing access to opportunity, especially to children who live and study in India’s villages. Given a chance, they are eager to grab at every opportunity for success. Given little, they go a long way. At TRF, we are convinced that the reawakening of India will come about from its rural base through quality education.

Founded in 1997, TRF became a registered unit on April 20, 2001. (Registration No. S 39241). All contributions to TRF are tax-exempt under Section 80 G of the Indian IT Act.

TRF got its exposure by working in schools where it:

  • Provided the lab equipment’s for the Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs
  • Toilets for the girl students, boys and teachers
  • Furniture for the school
  • Drinking water

In addition we carried out counseling sessions creating awareness on what jobs were available after they pass out of school. This experiment was a huge success and the results of the students soared from 34% to 99/100%.

Simultaneously we installed Solar lights in a village which was a huge success. TRF then developed a very rugged solar light for the villages.

We chose those villages which were totally neglected due to the size being small and the caste of the people living there being low. We were attracted to the solar light project as it seemed to have maximum impact.

TRF Patrons

Mr. Brij Mohan Vaish (President)
Mr. B.M. Vaish is the founder of TRF. An electrical engineer from Roorkee University, he did his MBA from FMS, Delhi and is an entrepreneur who runs established businesses in the areas of electronics and back office processing. Employees of his companies participate and contribute in the activities of TRF.

Mr. Anil Batra (Secretary)
An electrical engineer with an MBA, Mr Batra has the experience of leading large teams.

Arti Jaiman (Project Manager - Community Radio)
A writer and editor by profession, Arti worked as an Arts journalist with The Economic Times before she co-founded Pitara Kids Network ( At TRF, she is managing the set-up and running of the Community Radio initiative.

Mr. Vinod Gupta (Treasurer)
Mr. Gupta is a renowned architect and professor at School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), Delhi.


Mr. J.L. Makhija (Member)
Mr. Makhija has experience of more then 38 years in both private and public sector looking after the overall administration and personnel management of corporates.

Mr. Piara Singh (Member)
Mr. Piara Singh is the advisor for all civil engineering and construction work carried out by TRF.

Mr. Vijay Khilnani (Member)
Mr. Khilnani is the computer hardware and software advisor and also develops educational programs for TRF.

Mr. Parveen Sharma (Member)
Mr. Parveen Sharma is the in charge of accounting and finance for TRF.

Ms. Deepa Chhimwal (Member)
Ms. Deepa Chhimwal is the co-ordinator of TRF.

New toilets and drinking water facilities in the goverment school in Daulatabad More