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Career Counseling

TRF has conducted career counseling sessions for children of 25 rural schools in Gurgaon district in the last three years, and counseled approximately 10,500 students, of which 4600 were counseled individually.

TRF’ Career Counselling Sessions touch upon these aspects:

  • Opportunities available post Class 10, 12 and for school dropouts
  • How to choose a career/vocation
  • Courses to be done to successfully pursue the chosen option
  • Colleges and institutes where such courses can be pursued, and their admission criteria
  • Availing of education loans from banks: criteria and process
  • Likely post-course earning potential.

Counseling is done in six phases:

(I)  Personality test: This is a written test conducted our counselor at schools for students of Class 10. On the basis of its result, our counsellers engage individually with students, clarify their doubts, and suggests options for higher studies, vocational training and direct entry into careers. (II) Case work or individual counselling: Students are counseled individually and advised on options according to their eligibility, ability, and interests (social, economical, psychological). (III) Group counseling: Group counseling is an interactive session in which children are addressed as a group, queries are addressed, career options laid out and discussed, focused entirely on students of Class X and Class XII. (IV) Special counseling for top 10 students: In dialogue with school teachers, TRF counsellers identify the top 10 students of Classes X and XII, and guide them according to their interests and abilities. (V) Telephonic counseling: All students of schools that TRF work with, have access to our counseller via telephone. (VI) Follow-up sessions: After group counseling and individual counseling, the TRF team engages in follow-up sessions to determine the paths taken by the children, whether they require assistance or guidance of any sort to find their career path, and measure the effectiveness of the career counseling sessions.

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