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107.8: Gurgaon’s very own Community Radio station

About Gurgaon ki Awaaz

Gurgaon Ki Awaaz (GKA) is the only civil society community radio station in the National Capital Region. Broadcasting 22 hours a day in Hindi and Haryanvi since November 2009 on 107.8 MHz FM channel, the station is a platform for the voices of marginalized community groups in Gurgaon – local villages and migrant workers who live and work in Gurgaon. The culture and concerns of this over 1.9 million population find expression in Gurgaon Ki Awaaz.

The station was set up and is supported by TRF. The streaming broadcast of Gurgaon Ki Awaaz Samudayik Radio Station can be heard through TRF’s website or by downloading the “Gurgaon FM” App on Google Play Store.


Apna Nazariya Apna Kaam

Apna Nazariya Apna Kaam is Gurgaon Ki Awaaz's flagship program on entrepreneurship that has been on air since our inception. Since 2010, we have been broadcasting this program in partnership with Rudset Institute, Gurgaon; which conducts residential skill training and entrepreneurship programs in Gurgaon which are completely free of cost for all selected students. The program goes on air every fourth Tuesday of the month at 10.30 am and the director or a lecturer of Rudset Institute goes on air to talk about on-going and upcoming training programs, as well as answering queries from listeners during the live call-ins.

Chahat Chowk

Chahat Chowk is a multi-stakeholder approach to address information gaps and increase health-seeking behavior about sexual and reproductive health among couples in Gurgaon. The objectives of the project are to create a space on radio for men and women to speak openly about sexual and reproductive health issues in an anonymous, non-judgmental manner and to encourage conversations among couples and family members, and friends about sexual and reproductive health issues. The partners for the radio series include The Civil Hospital, Gurgaon, Paras Hospital, St. Stephen’s Hospital, Gurgaon, TARSHI (Training) and Maraa (CLP Process facilitation). Gurgaon Ki Awaaz Samudayik Radio broadcasts 22 hours a day, 365 days a year to over 5 lakh listeners most of whom are local villagers and migrant workers in Gurgaon and nearby areas of Delhi.

Bavra Mausam

The weekly radio show on adolescent emotional health connected to the Dastak campaign in government schools. ”. The program airs every week (Wednesday at 2.30 pm) as a one-hour program with a counsellor in the studio. Posters in the schools encouraged students to call into the program and talk to a counselor in the studio.

Career Express

Gurgaon Ki Awaaz and Agrasar both work towards improvement in the overall quality of life of underprivileged sections of society. While, Gurgaon Ki Awaaz has a strong and loyal listenership in Gurgaon among local villagers and migrant workers, Agrasar has a strong connect with the marginalized community at the grassroots level.

The two organizations collaborated to deliver and institutionalize Career Express, a customized community career-counseling program reaching out to college students and marginalized community members in Gurgaon. The key objectives of the program are as below:

  • Bridging the information gap about the jobs available in the market for the target group.
  • Developing employability skills of youth of the targeted region so that they can get engaged in gainful employment immediately and become more capable for a career of their interest and aptitude.
  • Counseling students and making them more aware about their own selves and their capabilities so that they can take a thoughtful decision about their career line.
  • Facilitating placements for the participants as per their needs and aspirations.

Saara Aasman Hamara

Saara Aasmaan Hamara is Gurgaon Ki Awaaz's radio program series on migration. The new season is supported by UNESCO-Delhi and explores various strands of migration, from freedom and adventure to culture and identity. The duration of the episodes is 45 minutes each — comprising of a 15 minutes pre-recorded programme and a 30 minute live phone-in component. Each episode addresses themes and challenges specific to the migrant community, and attempts to disrupt the singular narrative of migration. During the live phone-in segment, community members and/or experts are present in the studio to engage in the on-air conversation.


Geetmala is a one hour program which features the songs of local singers and their folk songs. Many local singers who are unable to have their songs played on other stations can come in to record their songs which are played for one hour in this program. There is a variety of languages broadcasted ranging from Haryanvi to Rajasthani. Each program is based in one language. Listeners are open to coming in to the studio themselves and anchoring programs and recording their own folk songs to be played during the program.

Kahani ki Gathariya

This is a live show in which stories are told. The show is open to any kind of stories, listeners are encouraged to come in with their own stories – fictional or non-fictional, and record them or read them out live. The show is a 30 minute show. It runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am with a repeat on the same day at 6:30pm. The stories are usually 15 to 20 minutes long after which for 10 to 15 minutes the phone lines are opened and listeners can call in and ask questions about the stories which were told. Many listeners have been inspired after hearing these stories and have written their own stories and have come to the studio and recorded them for the show.

Swasth Gurgaon

Swasth Gurgaon is a 30 minute live show which is coordinated by the medicine company Cipla. The company sends doctors who are present live in the studio to answer the questions asked by listeners. The phone lines are kept open so that listeners may call in and ask the doctor present any health related queries. The aim of the program is to raise awareness about various health related issues such as diabetes, blood pressure, heart attacks, etc.

Kanoon ki Baath

Kanoon ki Baath is a 30 minute live radio show which focuses on addressing the legal questions asked by listeners and spreading awareness on legal services and proceedings. The program is coordinated by the District legal services authority (dlsa) Gurgaon – the program takes place on the last Friday of the month. Two advocates come from dsla and talk about various topics related to laws, the phone lines are kept on allowing people to call in and ask for advice and have their questions addressed and are made aware of the various laws.

Apni Pasand

Apni Pasand is a daily 2 hour long program which runs from 4 to 6 and repeats at 10 pm and 11 am the next day. It is a request program in which listeners are able to call in and request what songs they would like to hear. The request span a wide variety of songs and many different languages ranging from Bhojpuri to Punjabi. Listeners are encouraged to come in and anchor the show themselves.

Gurgaon Live

Gurgaon Live is a radio show which happens every Monday to Friday from 10:30 am to 11 am. There are a few set programs which occur such as on Wednesday there is a WhatsApp special program where the listener’s feedback and messages are read, phone lines are kept on so that people may call in during and provide their own comments, on Thursday antakshari is played where the phone lines are kept on enabling the listeners to call in during and join in on the game, the rest of the days there are daily topics kept which range from tongue twisters to the issues faced in modern life, phone lines are kept on and people can call in and share their thoughts on the topic of the day.


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