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Community Radio: giving wider reach to TRF’s programs

Where does the Community Radio fit into TRF’s programs in government schools in Gurgaon’s villages?

In physics, the term "The Restoring Force" refers to a variable force that gives rise to an equilibrium in a physical system. If the system is perturbed away from the equilibrium, “the restoring force” will tend to bring the system back toward equilibrium.

In a social sense, we see The Restoring Force as a series of small interventions that attempt to bring about equilibrium in our unequal world.

We believe that all human beings have the right to live in a world that has equilibrium in:

  1. Opportunity
  2. Education
  3. Information
  4. Access
  5. Rights

Toward this end, TRF’s Community Radio initiative aims to intervene in the inequality of access and opportunity that currently plagues the people living in the villages surrounding urban Gurgaon.

Less than 30 minutes from Udyog Vihar, straddling planned SEZ zones, and within hooting distance of Gurgaon’s line-up of glitzy malls, villages such as Garhi Harsaru and Dhankot straddle two very different worlds. In one, English-speaking youngsters throng BPO offices at night, and malls in the daytime. In the other, their children find it difficult to even read their Hindi textbooks in Class 8. Their most difficult subject? English. It’s a language they rarely use, and hardly ever hear. But they know that it holds the keys to the consumerist kingdom, to jobs in Gurgaon city, and to a better life not dependent on land, since the land has long been sold off, and few have as yet acquired the skills to earn their bread through anything other than farming.


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Community Radio: giving wider reach to TRF’s programs

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