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Career Counseling: From Education to Employability

TRF’s main focus has been career counseling in government schools, to assist children in making informed choices about further education and employment. Through Gurgaon Ki Awaaz, TRF broadcasts a regular career program giving detailed information on educational requirements, training, employment opportunities, positives and negatives, and even interviews with people who have pursued that profession. From teacher, bureaucrat, plumber, engineer and security guard to doctor, journalist, model, gardener, hair stylist and software programmer: the career program covers a very large variety of career options.

Speaking English: the key to a higher income

Another element in employability is the ability to speak English. It is an urgent need that the community is keen to address through the radio station. The Community Radio station plans to broadcast regular programming to assist the community to build English speaking skills that they can utilize regardless of the profession they are pursuing.

Basic reading skills enhancement

Our own needs assessment surveys as well as nationwide surveys have consistently shown that reading and basic arithmetic skills in children studying in government schools falls below acceptable levels. Children in Class 8 often read at the level of a child in Class 1 or 2. With these basic skills missing, these children get left behind in class, and find it next to impossible to catch up, given the lack of educational support structures at home.

During our own surveys (taken among schoolchildren between classes 6 and 12), undertaken in November 2008, one of the most critical gaps that has emerged is lack of reading ability in children as old at 13 and 14. We have had girls and boys in classes 7 and 8 not being able to read (or write) the survey questionnaire because they were not able to read the questions (written in Hindi) or independently write their answers. (In the subjective questions). These children can transcribe from the blackboard or from another child's notebook or from a textbook. It is a situation where the cart is really before the horse. These children can write, but not read.

To bridge this gap, TRF will be launching the Read Gurgaon project on Gurgaon Ki Awaaz. The project, which will take the shape of a daily radio program aims to reach 150 schools in Gurgaon, within the 15 km radius of the community radio footprint, as well as every member of the community, in or out of school, who wants to improve reading skills.


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Career Counseling: From Education to Employability

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