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Getting involved

If you live or work in a 20-km radius around Udyog Vihar, you can not only hear the radio broadcast on 107.8 FM, you can also participate in the creation of the programs for our community

There’s so much you can do.

  1. You can volunteer your time to record material (stories, poems, textbooks) for the children.

  2. You can volunteer time in the community to guide children in programming.

  3. You can volunteer time in the studio, and manage the mikes.

  4. You can organize groups to create programming – these could be people who sing well (in Hindi or Haryanvi), who can tell stories, kathas, folktales, who can create programs around specific topics (food – recipes, health, awareness, learning, etc).

  5. You can volunteer a certain amount of your time and effort each week in helping TRF raise funds from corporates that operate out of Gurgaon. Since TRF is a registered NGO, all contributions to it, are exempt from Income Tax.

  6. You can identify a community that you would like to work with – and offer to manage all programming that is created by that community.

  7. You can come to us with ideas, and then implement them!


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Getting involved

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