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Current Projects

TRF’s projects span the spectrum of education infrastructure, from toilets and furniture to learning content and career counseling. TRF teams enter a school, assess its most critical needs, and then engage in a dialogue with the larger group of stakeholders such as the Village Education Development Committee and the Panchayat to ensure that they are a partner in the improvements that are to take place. Once a project is over, TRF formally hands over ownership and maintenance to the school management and exits. The purpose behind this Build-Monitor-Transfer model of working is that TRF believes that any initiative by an NGO can only work if the community being addressed is an equal and enthusiastic partner in this process of strengthening the education system. A partner who willingly takes on the responsibility of maintaining the infrastructure once it has been initiated by TRF.

TRF’s projects currently span:

Digital Access: TRF’s Sponsored KAMAAN program for those poor students, whose talent and potential may go waste for not being able to afford access to digital technologies. For more information about this project, click here.

Infrastructure: stronger infrastructure leads to improved attendance and academic performance, especially among girls. For more information, click here.

Career Counselling: TRF’s Disha Kendra provides children and parents in village schools sessions in career counseling, listing higher education and vocational training options available to children within a 5-km radius from their homes, as well as national-level colleges and institutes that can be applied to through admission tests. For more information, click here.

Vocational Training: TRF’s vocational training programs provide marketable skills such as electrician training, stitching and beautician courses that young village boys and girls can utilize to make a living. For more information, click here.

Community Radio: TRF is launching Gurgaon’s very own Community Radio station. Programs on education, health, careers, livelihood, and entertainment. For more information, click here.