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TRF’s new projects aim at impacting the social milieu of India’s village children.

Development of Remote Villages:

This pilot project explores the possibility of bringing a social change in the life of very poor people who live in remote villages, where there is no electricity, no mean of communication and no schools, by providing:
  1. Solar Lantern designed to provide light sufficient for one hut. It charges the batteries of a mobile phone and provides power for a transistor radio set.

    SeeYourImpact (USA) has recognized TRF and has launched a campaign of finding sponsors for Sujala Solar Lights.

    Click here for more information on how TRF and Seeyourimpact helps bringing clean solar light to villages without electricity.

  2. Transistor Radio to villagers to the outside world. Its rechargeable batteries can be charged by the Solar Lantern.
  3. Mobile phone to enable them to interact with the outside world. It will be fitted with a life time free incoming SIM Card and small initial charge for outgoing calls.
  4. Small school in a tent with one teacher. The capacity of the school will be 40 to 50 students. (The study material will be designed according to the culture & customs of the community)

Selection of the village:

The village will be short listed on the basis of following
criteria :
  1. No power supply
  2. No schools within the village boundary
  3. No means of communication, such as telephones or post office.
  4. Mobile footprint: the village should fall within GSM network. (to enable the mobile phones to work).
  5. Radio footprint: the village should be able to receive radio signals i.e. AM or FM transmission.

Impact of project

The TRF team will undertake a detailed study of the village conditions before providing Solar Lanterns, Mobile Phones, Radio sets and the school. In the Second Phase, TRF field workers will monitor the impact of these initiatives in how the villagers live, work, learn, interact and think.

Women Security Guard's Training Project

TRF will train women for security guard duty. This training will be completed within 4 to 5 months. After this training, TRF will assist trained women in getting jobs in the retail sector (as guards at malls and stores), in the entertainment industry (as guards in cinema halls, restaurants etc), in banks, petrol pumps etc. TRF will ensure that women guards are deployed in day-time jobs to ensure their safety.

Objective: To train women in need of employment, who are physically fit, and have a natural ability to be alert and attentive.

New toilets and drinking water facilities in the goverment school in Daulatabad More