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SUJALA: Lighting up the dark corners of rural India

TRF’s Solar Lighting Project, Sujala, is a pilot project that explores the possibility of bringing social change in the lives of communities that live in remote villages where there is little or no electricity, limited means of communication and remote schools. Initial installations have shown that once a solar light is introduced into a household, children are able to study even after dark, and adults are able to complete chores like cooking and bringing in the livestock even after the sun has set. In some cases, the presence of light has increased the length of the work day allowing families to work and earn more.

Sujala, the solar lantern designed by TRF is meant to provide light sufficient for one hut. The rugged lantern with bright LED bulbs functions on a long-life battery that can also charge a mobile phones as well as power a transistor radio set.

The US-based NGO, See-Your-Impact has recognized TRF has launched a campaign to find sponsors for Sujala solar lights. So far, with the help of individual donors through See-Your-Impact, TRF has installed solar lights in Beed Pinarpura and Sapera Basti in Rajasthan.

Till date, TRF has lit up 6 villages in Rajasthan.


This lantern can provide up to six hours of high quality light, or a combination of light, charging mobile and radio output to households. Also it includes:

  • Long Life battery
  • Minimal Maintainance
  • Fitted with long life bright LED’s
  • Omni-directional pure white light
  • Life long use with near zero operational cost
  • Long operational time of 6 hours
  • Charging option from Solar, Car battery or Tractor battery