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Beed Pinarpura

Tahsil Chaksu Gram Panchayat Chandel’s Beed Pinarpura (Shankpura Dani) did not have electricity or any basic facilities till now. All the people in this village belong to the back ward community. TRF along with the help of Kumarappa Institute of Gram Swaraj (KIGS) have donated Solar Lanterns, Mobile Phones and Transistors to the 17 families. This has greatly helped the people in this tiny village as they do not have to worry about cooking in the dark. Earlier Chimneys were used which used to send fumes and affect the eyes. Children can now study till late evening and people are not afraid of travelling at night. With the help of the mobile phones people are able to quickly convey any problems like illness, delivery and call for ambulance. They also can check the market rate of their produce. They are abreast with the latest local and international news through radio and are able to take advantage of the several programs on agriculture.

A team from ITP which is our local business conducted a survey which was followed by training of two people from the village who were taught how to repair the lights.

Our team went all the way to install the lights and they are still working fine.

Photo Gallery of Beed Pinarpura


Till date, TRF has lit up 6 villages in Rajasthan.