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Sapera Basti

Sapera Basti is located near Chaksu village which is 45 kms from the city of Jaipur in Rajasthan. There are 15 families living in this hamlet. “Nath” society who are known as “Kalbeliya”or “Sapera” were living in Ramniwaspur around 50-60 years back. They were allotted 5 hectare land but their houses were swept away in the floods in 1981 after which they settled here for the last 30 years. The land belongs to the Panchayat. Only couple of families have ration cards. Inspite of being extremely poor they are not in the BPL category. The families do not have any proper house most of them have tents. Their children do not go to school and the hospital is 5 kms away in Chaksu village.

Their main occupation is Catching snakes and displaying them, asking for alms by showing decorated bulls, Nag Panchami, Singing and collecting and selling herbs.

TRF with the help of Seeyourimpact and KIGS have donated 15 solar lanterns to this village.

A team from ITP which is our local business conducted a survey which was followed by training of two people from the village who were taught how to repair the lights.

Our team went all the way to install the lights and they are still working fine.

Photo Gallery of Sapera Basti


Till date, TRF has lit up 6 villages in Rajasthan.