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Dadanpura Dhani

There are several villages near Chaksu in Rajasthan were there is no electricity. Getting kerosene for the lamps is also difficult in many parts. One such tiny village is Dadanpura Dhani where there are total of 5 households. They all belong to the Rajput community. The people are extremely happy with the solar lanterns provide by TRF. Children can study at night. They can save the money spent on kersosene. The farmers also use the lanterns to protect their fields from Neel Ghai.

A team from ITP which is our local business conducted a survey which was followed by training of two people from the village who were taught how to repair the lights.

Our team went all the way to install the lights and they are still working fine.

Photo Gallery of Dadanpura Dhani Village


Till date, TRF has lit up 6 villages in Rajasthan.