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Kanjra Ki Dhani

Before 1981 the villagers of Kanjra Ki Dhani were settled in Garudwasi a village near Chaksu, but due to the floods in 1981 their hamlet and kucha houses were destroyed and they were left homeless. The then village panchayat of Garudvasi removed the 6 families and they relocated to Kanjra Ki Dhani. They earlier made their living by collecting alms. In the new village their number grew to 12 families with 70 people. Most of them now work as labourers. Some families have goats. All of them do not have any land of their own. They are considered as untouchables in the nearby villages making it difficult for them collect water from wells. Hand pumps were finally installed around 5 years back. They are still not registered under BPL (below poverty line) therefore they are not part of Indira Awaaz Yojana, Mahatma Gandhi Rojgar Guarantee Yojana or electric connection. The families have already taken up this matter with the Jilla collector in Jaipur and the Tahsildar but there has been no relief to their woes. The children do not go to school as the school is far away and there are two handicapped ladies in the village.

A team from ITP which is our local business conducted a survey which was followed by training of two people from the village who were taught how to repair the lights.

Our team went all the way to install the lights and they are still working fine.

Photo Gallery of Kanjra Ki Dhani Village


Till date, TRF has lit up 6 villages in Rajasthan.