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Success Stories

Infrastructure in, academic performace up:

TRF’s infrastructure support projects in Gurgaon District, in the villages of Daulatabad, Dhankot, Garhi Harsaru and Sarhaul have resulted in a dramatic rise in attendance and enrollment as well as a marked improvement in academic performance. From a dismal pass rate, some of these schools are now registering a pass rate of nearly 100 per cent in Secondary and Senior Secondary examinations.

Children come to school in which classrooms now have blackboards, there are separate bathrooms for boys and girls, which have been especially designed to be self cleaning and self drying, clean drinking water is available within the school premises, and when the children go into the science labs, they can actually conduct experiments and learn their lessons by doing rather than just through textbooks.

Teachers have registered a sharp rise in motivation levels, most of which they attribute to friendlier working conditions and adequate learning material to work with.

Career Couselling:

TRF’s Disha Kendra has provided direction or “Disha” to over 10,000 children in 25 schools in Gurgaon District, assisting children in finding the most appropriate career path in line with their interests and abilities.

Vocational Training:

TRF’s vocational training camps have made a beginning in equipping young school students in acquiring simple marketable skills with which they can earn a living, most often in their immediate neighbourhood. Many of these students are either school graduates or dropouts who, for a variety of reasons, cannot continue their education. TRF’s vocational training bridges the gap between those who are educated and skilled and employable, and those who are not.

New toilets and drinking water facilities in the goverment school in Daulatabad More